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Brigitte van der Sande


Chair: Gina Dumfries
Treasurer: Kam Wai Kui
Member: Christina Li
Member: Frank Galestien
Member: Marthe Reinette

Aim of Stichting Mouflon

Stichting Mouflon is an initiative of Paul Kempers and Brigitte van der Sande and was founded in 1992 with the aim of 'organizing and/or presenting publications and manifestations in the area of modern and contemporary art in order to formulate new points of view and explore frontiers of knowledge in the arts’.


Stichting Mouflon is not structurally subsidized but seeks funding and sponsors on a project-by-project basis. Other Futures is the first project since 2009.

annual statement of accounts 2017

Balance Sheet Stichting Mouflon 2017 (in Dutch)
Income Statement Stichting Mouflon 2017 (in Dutch)

Remuneration policy

The board of Mouflon receives no remuneration. The directorate consists of one person who reports to the Board of Directors. A team of freelancers is put together for each project.

Outlines of the policy plan

The first edition of Other Futures throws the spotlight on the ideas and practices of non-Western professionals who think about and help shape the future: an exploration of unknown territory. In the following editions we will open up the platform to everyone who imagines or builds inspiring futures. Other Futures will be a meeting place for sharing new insights about the direction we want the world to go in and how to accomplish this. The platform uses science fiction not just to think about the future but also as a tool of empowerment in order to build a better world.

Before each edition of the festival, a one-day conference called the Other Futures Academy will take place. The online platform will share the knowledge and experience gained there with an international audience and serve as a bridge to the second edition in 2020.