ABOUT Other Futures 

Other Futures Festival
It's weird. It's mind-shifting. 

Other Futures is a multidisciplinary festival and exhibition that presents speculative visions of the future. 

Other Futures brings together makers and thinkers from all over the world who use speculative fiction to imagine and build other futures and invites them to share their visions with visitors from diverse walks of life. Most names are unknown in Amsterdam, some of them ring a bell, other participants are incredibly famous. Other Futures is the place to be for people who are curious, positive and open to new experiences focusing on a world not dominated by human beings.

Vision and mission

Mouflon Foundation devotes itself exclusively to the realization of Other Futures – Exploring New Perspectives through Science Fiction, the new multidisciplinary online and offline platform for people from all disciplines from everywhere in the world who think about and help shape the future, aimed at a wide and varied audience.

Other Futures team

  • Artistic director, fundraiser, curator literature, co-curator visual arts & theory: Brigitte van der Sande
  • Managing director: Saskia Lous
  • Sponsorship manager: Merel Huisman
  • Curator music: Sascha Roth
  • Co-curator visual arts & theory: Jo-Lene Ong
  • Curator film: Julian Ross
  • Curator Shaffyzaal: Charlie Jansen
  • Curator games: Yannick de Jong
  • Film manager & assistant curator: Leonie Woodfin
  • Head of production: Evelien Heus
  • Marketing strategy: Hannah van der Rest
  • Online marketing: Shayne McCreadie
  • Intern marketing & communications: Joany Taanman 
  • PR: Triple P Entertainment
  • Design: Autobahn
  • Website construction: Engelswoord
  • Texts/editing website, programme booklet and online platform: Renée Borgonjen
  • Translations Dutch-English: Jane Bemont
  • Catering: Hansje Lo-a-Njoe
  • Exhibition and film production: Rembrandt Boswijk / Indyvideo


  • Felix Meritis
  • ROZENSTRAAT - a rose is a rose is a rose


REVIEW //  radio-interview met Brigitte van der Sande, NPO1 Fris!, 5 februari 2018.

PREVIEW // "Niet Westerse sci fi op Other Futures Festival" door Elise van Dam, Cine.nl, 30 januari 2018.

AANBEVELING // "Mis deze niet", Kunst & Vermaak, Uitkrant, p. 10, februari 2018.

ARTIKEL // over Fran Ilich, "Zapatistas in de Bronx, en nu in Amsterdam", Globalinfo.nl, 28 januari 2018.

AANBEVELING // DutchCulture

INTERVIEW // met Brigitte van der Sande, “Zo bied je klimaatmoeheid het hoofd” door Emma Meelker in Oneworld.nl, 25 januari 2018.

ARTIKEL // “Wat als de Masai naar de ruimte zouden gaan en andere niet-westerse toekomstbeelden die jij tijdens Other Futures kan ervaren” in Creators.vice.com, 24 januari 2018.

ARTIKEL // in Schokkend Nieuws Filmmagazine, 19 januari 2018.

INTERVIEW // met Brigitte van der Sande in 'Kunst is Lang’, podcast Mister Motley, 27 december 2017.

INTERVIEW // met Walidah Imarisha,  “Larpen voor een beter 2050, hoe doe je dat?" door Tim Franje in Motherboard.vice.com, 25 december 2017.

ARTIKEL // "Eerste niet-westerse sciencefiction festival ter wereld" door Edo Dijksterhuis in Filmkrant.nl.

INTERVIEW drieluik, deel 1deel 2 en deel 3  // "Sciencefiction uit andere culturen - interview met Brigitte van der Sande" door Jeroen Geelhoed in ModernMyths.nl, 20 december 2017.


  • Community for the Histories of the Future (CHIFT) of Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Diederick Croese
  • Annet Dekker
  • DutchCulture
  • Imagine Film Festival
  • Fantasize
  • Film and Media Studies, University of Amsterdam
  • Tom van Gestel
  • Esther Gottschalk
  • Hebban.nl
  • Patrick van der Hijden
  • Makerversity Amsterdam
  • Monnik | Studio
  • New Urban Collective
  • Prince Claus Fund
  • Right About Now Inc.
  • Godelieve Spaas
  • Björn Stenvers
  • Stichting ter bevordering van het fantastische genre
  • Annette Wolfsberger


  • Dr. Etienne Augé, senior lecturer in the Department of Media & Communication at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication, and founder of the Community for the Histories of the Future (CHIFT), Rotterdam
  • Marjorie Boston, director of RIGHTABOUTNOW INC., Amsterdam
  • Dr. Cissie Fu, dean of the Faculty of Culture and Community at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, Canada
  • Cindy Kerseborn (1956-2019), documentary maker and founder of Stichting Cimaké Foundation, Amsterdam
  • Martijn Lindeboom, science fiction and fantasy writer and chair of the Stichting ter bevordering van het fantastisch genre (Association for the Promotion of the Fantasy Genre), Groningen
  • Prof. dr. P. (Patricia) Pisters, professor of Film Studies in the Department of Media Studies and director of the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA) at the University of Amsterdam

… and all the critters whose names we do not mention but who supported us in so many unforgettable ways.

Stichting Mouflon / Other Futures

Wiborgeiland 29, 1014 ZC Amsterdam NL
Contact: Brigitte van der Sande, 0654267954 / brigitte@otherfutures.nl
General questions can be directed to info@otherfutures.nl

RSIN: 813580572
KvK: 41211344
Triodos: NL46 TRIO 0391 1783 85

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