Other Futures


Other Futures

Other Futures is a multidisciplinary festival and exhibition that presents speculative visions of the future.


Stichting Other Futures
Westerdoksdijk 145
1013 AD Amsterdam 
The Netherlands

Managing director
Saskia Lous - saskia@otherfutures.nl


  • Frank Galestien

    Interim chair
  • Kam Wai Kui

  • Marthe Reinette

  • Christina Li


Aim of Other Futures Foundation
Other Futures Foundation was created in 2022 to take over tasks for Other Futures from Mouflon Foundation, initaited by Paul Kempers and Brigitte van der Sande (Other Futures founder). Mouflon was founded in 1992 with the aim of 'organising and/or presenting publications and manifestations in the area of modern and contemporary art in order to formulate new points of view and explore frontiers in the arts.’

Other Futures Foundation is not structurally subsidised, but seeks funding and sponsors on a project-by-project basis. 

Annual Reports
ANBI report 2021 (in Dutch)
ANBI report 2020 (in Dutch)

Annual report 2021 (in Dutch)
Annual report 2020 (in Dutch)
Annual report 2019 (in Dutch)
Annual report 2018 (in Dutch)

Annual statement of accounts 2017
Balance Sheet Stichting Mouflon 2017 (in Dutch)
Income Statement Stichting Mouflon 2017 (in Dutch)

Remuneration policy
The board of Other Futures Foundation receives no remuneration. The freelance directors report to the board. A team of freelancers is put together for each edition.